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Who We Are:

In 1942, President Roosevelt and Congress established a Presidential directive giving African Americans an opportunity to be recruited into the Marine Corps. These African Americans from all states were not sent to White Marine Corps training bases – the traditional boot camps of Parris Island and San Diego, California. The African American Marines experienced boot training at Montford Point – a part of Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. The 23,000 black Marines who went through Montford Point between 1942 – 1949 wore the globe and anchor proudly. The great majority proved it overseas, others at the naval Ammo Depot out in McAlester, OK and still others at the Philadelphia Supply Depot.

The Montford Point Marine Association is a nonprofit Veteran organization, established to perpetuate the legacy of the first African Americans who entered the United States Marine Corps from 1942 to 1949 at Montford Point Camp, New River, North Carolina.

The purpose of the Association is to support educational assistance, veteran programs, and promotion of community services. The Association works to improve the social conditions of our veterans, local families, youth and the growing population of senior citizens.

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