Executive Committee


The Executive Committee consists of the President, the Vice President, the Secretary, the Treasurer, the Chaplain, the Sgt-at-Arms and the Public Affairs Officer.  The Executive Committee may, with majority approval, invite the President of the Ladies Auxiliary and other Designatees to attend Executive Committee meetings.  


Subject to applicable rules, procedures, restrictions, resolutions, and requirements of the Bylaws, the Executive Committee acts on the body behalf between regular meetings and by vote of two-thirds of its entire voting membership. The Board, at its next meeting, shall review Executive Committee minutes and may modify, reject or ratify any Executive Committee actions. 


The Executive Committee shall hold at least eight meetings within each twelve month period.  A quorum is two-thirds of the Executive Committee’s membership of 7 voting members.  Thus a quorum is currently 4 members.  Meetings are in person or by telephone conference call or by a comparable and legally valid communication means.

Erica L. James
Vice President
Danielle Dillard
Jason T. Mathis, Sr.
Public Affairs Officer
Michael W. Moore
Parisa Fetherson
Charles Pitts
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