The Quantico Chapter #32 of the National Montford Point Marine Association, Inc.


The Montford Point Marine Association is a 501 C 3, Nonprofit Veteran Organization, established to perpetuate the legacy of the first African Americans who entered the United States Marine Corpsfrom 1942 to 1949 at Montford Point Camp, New River, North Carolina.


The purpose of the Association is to support educational assistance, veteran programs, and promotion of community services. The Association works to improve the social conditions of our veterans, local families, youth and the growing population of senior citizens. Membership in the Association is open to veterans and active members of all branches of the U. S. Armed Forces regardless of race, creed, or national origin.


Membership in this Association is open to all persons who are serving or who have served honorably or under honorable conditions in the Armed Forces of the United States or reserve components, for not less than ninety (90) days and all persons who are serving or who have served and earned no less than ninety (90) reserve retirement credit points.
Any person eligible for membership in the Montford Point Marine Association, Inc. may submit an application for membership by completing the standard application form, found at the bottom of this page, and returning the completed application to the member sponsoring the applicant, via email submission or standard mail accompanied by all required dues and fees and proof of military service.  There are three states of membership:
Members-at-large are those members who reside in an area where there is no chapter and shall be entitled to vote with the closest geographical chapter to his home.
Honorary Membership will be conferred only on a person who has distinguished themselves by meritorious community service.
Life Membership are those members of the Montford Point Marine Association, Inc. in good standing may become a life member upon proper payment of the fee as indicated below.  Life Membership fees shall be prorated as listed below:
Age group 20-29 will pay $500.00

Age group 30-39 will pay $475.00

Age group 40-59 will pay $400.00

Age group 60-up will pay $350.00
Associate Membership is open to those individuals who are not veterans of the U. S. Armed Forces, and whose interest parallels this association. They must be sponsored by a regular member of the MPMA.  Associate members will not pay the same dues as regular members and will not be allowed to hold office or to vote. This applies to the chapter level as well as the national level.


Welcome to the National Montford Point Marine Association Inc., Quantico Chapter #32....

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Chapter President's Message


The Montford Point Marine Memorial is dedicated to all Montford Point Marines and their legacy. A dedication ceremony was held on July 29, 2016 to officially open the Memorial to the public. It is located at Lejeune Memorial Gardens at Montford Landing Road in Jacksonville.

Elements of the memorial include three concentric circle patterns representing the ripples of influence that changes our nation. These ripples were caused by the Montford Point Marines, the US marine Corps and the American Public.

An artillery cannon is representative of WWII weaponry that all US Marines used and trained with. The sculpture represents all Montford Point Marines and represents when Montford Pointers shifted from being support personnel to defenders during the war.

A pillar is at the center of the memorial site and honors Montford Pointers, the US Marine Corps and society during this time, for their unending drive to overcome equality.

A wall of stars includes approximately 20,000 gold stars representing the number of Montford Point Marines that served during WWII. The absence of names on the wall is symbolic of the fact that no complete roster of Montford Point Marines has ever been located.

Montford Point Memorial